15 Oncology Safe Products

In the last blog post, we learned about skin changes you may experience during cancer treatments. Treating and pampering your skin during treatments and only using oncology-safe skincare products is essential. 

Use these 15 skincare products from Glymed Plus to keep your skin hydrated, comfortable and radiant. 

Mega Cream Cleanser: An ultra-gentle cleanser that dissolves all makeup, dirt, oil, and pollution. This cleanser will deep clean your skin and provide antioxidants with Vitamin E that combats dryness. Use this as a first cleanse to remove your makeup. 

Vitamin C Cleanser:  A cleanser rich in antioxidant protection, promotes hydration and softens skin. A very creamy formula that promotes healing, repairs skin, and reduces redness and inflammation. 

Essential Serum with Amino Acids:  Essential Serum is ultra-hydrating and lightweight. It contains minerals that promote healing and support your immune stimulation. The ingredients include Bulgarian rose oil, which is soothing and anti-inflammatory. This serum helps to reduce wrinkles and stimulate collagen in the skin. 

Restoring Fulvic Elixir: Fulvic acid is an essential nutrient and a powerful antioxidant that promotes good skin health. This serum contains antiviral and antifungal properties with a formula that sinks into the skin quickly. It is an excellent product for aging, sensitivity, or even acne, as it stimulates healing to reveal a younger-looking complexion. 

Daily Skin Clarifier: Daily use of this serum helps to lighten and prevent hyperpigmentation caused by acne scars, sun damage, hormones, and skin trauma. Natural antioxidants like bearberry, licorice, and mulberry are safe and effective ingredients to help treat hyperpigmentation. 

Skin Recovery Mist: Skin Recovery Mist is essential for dry, irritated, or dehydrated skin. A lightweight mist revitalizes skin with hyaluronic acid, algae, and vitamin B. Use this mist after cleansing skin and before serum application, or use it after makeup throughout the day to keep skin hydrated. 

Protective Skin Serum with Ceramides: Protective Skin Serum is An ultra-light serum with hydrating botanicals that strengthen and protect 

the skin barrier. This formula replenishes lipids lost by nourishing the skin with ceramides, humectants, and antioxidants. Other benefits to the skin are free radical damage protection. The perfect formula for dry and sensitive skin. 

Comfort Cream with Aloe Vera: Comfort Cream will help to calm irritated skin caused by skin treatments, chemicals, medications, and insect bites. Formulated with pure, concentrated aloe vera to hydrate, soothe, and heal the skin. 

Daily Repair Cream: Glymed’s most popular moisturizer for good reason! A lightweight but very hydrating formula repairs skin with healing botanicals. Ingredients help to increase firmness, radiance, and elasticity. Perfect for all skin types, including sensitive and post-procedure. 

Cell Protection Balm: Cell Protection Balm is an excellent product in your medicine cabinet as it offers protection against irritations from insect bites, dryness, chemical peels, rashes, scrapes, and minor burns. This moisturizer helps to promote cell renewal and collagen synthesis. 

Recovery Cream with Arnica: This healing cream boosts the skin’s natural defense system against inflammation, swelling, and bruising. The ingredients contain arnica, grapeseed oil, and pharmaceutical-grade botanicals that heal the skin. 

Ultra-Hydro Gel: This serum contains 10% hyaluronic acid gel that helps to hydrate and replenish skin. Hyaluronic acid helps to keep skin young and healthy looking. The benefits are healing, hydration, and plumping. 

Eye Calm: This gentle eye cream with copper peptides reduces dark circles and promotes healing. 

Hydrating Lip Balm moisturizes and healing with botanical ingredients like avocado and jojoba oil. This lip balm is perfect for healing dry, cracked lips. 

Moisturizing Protection Cream with SPF30- This sunscreen has a built-in moisturizer to hydrate and protect the skin. 

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