5 Essential steps to transition from winter to Spring Skincare

After the long winter months and heavy creams and moisturizers, it’s time to start thinking about preparing our skin for the sunny days ahead! Depending on your skin type, try one or all of these suggestions at a time to see how your skin performs with each change. If you are normal to oily, trying all of these suggestions will be an excellent way to adjust your skincare routine, and if you are normal to dry or dry, you may want to start slowly, with one change at a time. Here are a few tips to think about working into your skincare routine. 

Changing up your skin cleanser 

In winter, some people will use a rich cleansing balm and a milky, creamy cleanser. If you like a double cleanse, which I highly recommend, still use your cleansing balm but use a gel or foamy cleanser instead of the creamy cleanser afterward for your 2nd cleanse. Foaming cleansers are rich and frothy in texture, and gel cleansers are water-based, transparent colored, and don’t later up as much as foamy cleansers. The benefits of these types of cleaners are that they are suitable for deep cleaning pores, hydrating, controlling bacteria, and offering light exfoliation. Glymed Plus makes Youth Firm Age Defying Peel that acts like a gentle exfoliating mask that’s safe to use year-round. 

Exfoliate the winter away.

Long winters can make your skin look dull and dry from a build of dead skin cells on the top layer. Exfoliating is a great way to rejuvenate and refresh the skin, allowing your serums and products to penetrate better! When your products penetrate better, they absorb quickly and are more effective. A good exfoliator, mask, or at-home peel is an excellent way to get more radiant skin. 

Antioxidants are like liquid gold.

Antioxidants help protect the skin from environmental damage like pollution and UV rays that cause premature aging in the skin. The sun can cause dark spots or hyperpigmentation, which can be hard to eliminate. 

In warmer weather, we spend more time outside, and our skin’s exposed for extended periods, so it’s essential to use an antioxidant like vitamin C in your morning skincare routine to counteract any damaging effects from the sun.

Gravitate towards lighter-weight formulas. 

Humidity generally goes up this time of year, which usually means depending on your skin type, you may need a lighter-weight moisturizer to keep your skin comfortable. 

For skin types that are more normal, combo, or oily, you will want to switch to a lighter-weight formula moisturizer this time of year. If you were using a cream, you might want to switch to a lotion formula; if you were using a lotion, you might want to change to a gel consistency. 

Increase the level of SPF and frequency of application.

I firmly believe in wearing sunscreen to protect your skin all year round, especially in warmer months. We spend time outside for extended periods, at the pool and on beach vacations, and this is the time to increase your level of sun protection and reapply your sunscreen more frequently. 

A consultation with a licensed professional will help you streamline your skincare routine this season!

Have questions? I’m here to help! 


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