5 Facts men need to know about their Skin


1-Men’s skin is oilier than women’s skin and can appear oily on the surface. Since men’s skin is oilier, it will not dry out as quickly as women’s skin but can be prone to breakouts. 

2-Men’s skin is thicker and will appear less wrinkled than most women’s if taken care of correctly, and it seems to age at a slower pace. 

3-Men tend to have more pores, and their pores are more prominent than women’s pores. 

4-Men seem more sensitive to UV radiation, which makes them more prone to skin cancers and premature aging. 

5-Men tend to experience more skin irritation due to shaving, which can cause redness and even ingrown hairs. 

Before putting together a skincare routine, it’s essential to figure out what skin type you have to build the best and most effective regimen that’s uniquely suited to your skin. 

Men’s Skincare recommendations

When formulating a plan for a skincare routine for men, it’s essential to keep it simple and streamlined. Some things that have worked in the past:

I have noticed men like a moisturizer that sinks into the skin quickly and doesn’t leave a residue. The cleanser men consistently prefer is a gel-based cleanser as they appreciate that super clean feeling after washing their face. Products men purchase are lightweight and help to prevent breakouts from forming on the surface of the skin. 

A weekly masque will help to facilitate healthy skin, and that could be an oil-controlling masque for oily skin or an exfoliating masque for dead skin cells. It depends on what skin concerns are unique to your skin. A vitamin C serum will help to reduce signs of premature aging as well as brighten the skin. A hydrating serum is another good option for dry skin types. 

Sunscreen will be the number one thing I recommend using every day in 

a men’s skincare routine or for women. 

It’s essential to be consistent in your skincare routine to see results.

I recommend washing your face after exercising and at night before bed. If it makes sense to use your gel cleanser in the shower, whatever will make it easier for you. 

The last step in your skincare routine should always be a moisturizer. In the morning, that moisturizer will include an SPF in the formula. At nighttime, your moisturizer will be for hydration, and the product will be a little more nourishing. Nighttime is the best time to use hydrating products because our skin rejuvenates as we sleep. 

Final thoughts

Make sure to take into consideration any skin conditions when purchasing products. Always be sure to keep up with your dermatology appointments regularly once a year for a skin check. 

Give your products a chance to make a difference in your skin. You should start noticing some improvements after thirty days and more as time goes on with continual daily use of your skincare regimen. 

Be patient with your skin as it starts rejuvenating, and remember that consistency is vital with skincare routines. 

Have questions? I’m here to help! 


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