The French introduced us to facials, and after working for a French company for many years, I know the amount of research they put into the products they develop, so I have always had a soft spot for French skincare.

I was able to test out some samples of the Guerlain skincare product line called Abeille Royal. Everything from the Abeille Royal line is made with Blackbee honey from an island in France with an ecosystem that has no pesticides. Guerlain has pledged to protect the bees they source from and make the packaging they use more sustainable and reduce their footprint.

The honey they use contains amino acids that help revitalize the skin. Guerlain spent 10 years of research on the benefits of honey and how it can help restore and rejuvenate the skin. Who doesn’t love that?

Oils benefit dry skin, and Guerlain makes a liquid oil called Abeille Royal Advanced. The ingredients are 95% natural, with clinically tested results, and it has a very light scent. It contains tiny microbeads, which you need to shake before applying to your skin after cleansing gently.

The oil had 675 reviews on the Guerlain website, with the majority of the five stars. The packaging and product have a luxurious feel, with the container having a dropper that you use to dispense the product onto the skin. The texture of the oil is light and sinks right into the skin. It makes your skin super hydrated and plump. You can use the oil morning and night. It comes in a container with 50ml of product with a current price of $135.

After applying the oil, your next step is the application of Abeille Royale Double R Renew and Repair Serum. The serum promotes skin renewal but gently and helps to firm the skin. The ingredients are Quessant honey which contains amino acids and helps revitalize the skin, and Royal Jelly, which contains vitamins that help the skin fight environmental stressors.

One or two pumps of the product are all you need to apply to your face and neck in an upward motion. It would help if you used this serum morning and night to smooth your skin and repair it. The serum contains 50ml with a current price of $225.

Guerlain has a spa in New York City where you can try all of their signature products in a facial treatment. The facial is called the Abeille Royale honey repair facial. Guerlain has been in business since 1828 and is still going strong. They are known for creating scientifically based skincare.

If you can’t make it to the Guerlain Spa, then check out my virtual skincare clinic and book your online skin consultation to get advice on how you can get glowing skin just like a french beauty.

French women are famous for having beautiful skin, focusing heavily on a good skin care regimen. Many of the best skincare brands have been developed by the french. French women are known to invest heavily in the best quality skincare. As an aesthetician, I admire this thinking focusing on your skin and makeup is secondary.


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