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Whatever age you are, makeup can be a fun, subtle way to express creativity. You may like a classic makeup look that you can wear with everything, but some people want to change things up occasionally. Changing your makeup look can be a temporary way to try a new trend without much commitment. Overall, I prefer a classic look, but as a makeup artist, it’s fun to try recent trends and put a classic twist on them!

2023 was the year of makeup as food with trends like strawberry girl and latte look, and it looks like 2024 is starting that way, too!

Pantone’s color of the year is Peach Fuzz, and it reminds me of a lipstick color that Elizabeth Arden used to make that looked beautiful on so many different skin tones. Peach has a soft, warm, and romantic feel; the color could be neutral if applied lightly or more dramatic if you build it up. If you have a lot of neutrals in your closet, this shade will complement almost anything!

Peach Blush tones: blush this year will be more toned down than last year. When I think of the late 90s or early 2000s when it was softer, this stands out as where the trend will go. Peach is a universally flattering blush shade and works well with many skin tones. Blush placement is supposed to be lower than it was last year. I do think the higher placement of blush has a lifting effect to it, so I think the more mature group of ladies can still benefit from that higher blush placement; it’s a good choice for young and mature skin, so it’s an excellent option for makeup artists to use on clients and someone new to makeup. 

Holographic Shades of Eyeshadow

These shades look different with how the light hits them and usually have a translucent look. They may not seem like they are for everyone, but given the right formula, they can be sheer and come off as a stunning wash of color. I would look for a cream or liquid shadow and apply it with my fingertips or lightly with a small eyeshadow brush. 

Frosted/Shimmer Eyes or Lips

In The early 2000s, this was a popular trend, but this year, it will get an upgrade with more of a sophisticated vibe. The placement of these shades on the eyes is very different than before with the shadow placed on the lid. The trend has a wet, almost glistening look instead of the dry and powdery look from the past. The modern formulas are more subtle on the lips; instead of frost, think glimmer or shimmer. 

Sugar Plum Fairy Makeup Look 

This trend is a rendition of this year’s “cold girl” trend and has been popular and trending for the holiday season 2023, but I think it will blend over to this year, too! This look has long lashes and eye makeup is subtle but has a soft shimmer. You see only a hint of color on the lid with an ethereal feel. The focus is the long lashes and plum or raspberry cheeks with a glossy lip in a similar shade. This makeup feels festive or a unique occasion and has a modern date night look.

Creating a signature look

Adapting trends you want to experience to your taste is essential to make you feel comfortable and update your look if you want to try something new or modernize your current makeup. You may want to try a trend, but put your spin on it to make it unique to your personality. As a licensed esthetician and makeup artist, I know good skin is the key to enhancing any makeup look. I specialize in makeup for mature skin, and if you want to try any of these makeup trends, I can help you adapt them to suit your specific and unique skin. 

Have questions? I’m here to help! 


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