Beauty Trends To Leave Behind

Trends in makeup and fashion are constantly changing and evolving. We all get comfortable with tried and true looks, but it’s worth taking advantage of a new season to reevaluate what works and what trends you may want to leave behind and freshen up with a contemporary twist. Here are a few dated trends you may want to let go of. 

Thick Concealer

Applying a thick concealer is dated and can settle fine lines and make you appear older than your actual age. Sometimes, a thick concealer is helpful when trying to cover up blemishes or redness, but other than that, the trend is for lighter-weight formulas for all skin types, including mature skin. 


A fresh, more up-to-date look is a concealer with an airbrushed soft look when used. Think about a lighter-weight light formula that lets your freckles peek through so you can see skin. 

Catapillar Lash Extensions

The look of long lashes is flattering, but the trend is going away from the extra long and unnatural look that can appear overdone. Lash extensions are here to stay, and the benefits are it’s temporary, fun, and not a significant investment. 


People opt for a more realistic lash that compliments the natural makeup trend. Lashes have a lot of volume in places that create a soft, wispy effect, and this modernizes the look. 

Dark Lipliner with Nude Lipstick

 Dark lip liner is overdrawn on the lips and then filled in with lighter-colored lipstick or sometimes nude lip color shade. I never understood how the dark liner became a trend with the lighter lipstick because it made the lips look small again.


A lighter-colored lipstick on thinner lips, done correctly, can make a 

dramatic difference in making them look fuller. Make sure to stick with a shade of lipliner close to the shade of lipstick. Adding a gloss in the center brings the eye to the middle of the lips to create the look of maximum fullness. 

Sharp Angled Eyebrows

Eyebrows that are too defined, chiseled, and drawn on looking may be dating your look. It was a trend where the eyebrows were very well-defined and exaggerated. 


The more contemporary look is a natural-looking feathered brow complimenting a natural makeup look. The updated brow look is defined, accentuates the arch, and gives you a lifted look. 

Dark Black Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes will always be a classic, but the harsh black and gray colors that were popular when creating this look are now outdated. 


The new modernized smokey eye includes browns, taupes, and beige shadows. It’s a softer take on this trend where the eye color is much more noticeable and the main focus instead of the eye shadow. This new smokey eye trend will work with and flatter all age brackets. 

Fewer Face Fillers

Face filler fatigue has set in, and while fillers are here to stay, the puffy, pillowy look to the face trend is over. Filler reversals saw an uptick in 2023, but facial fillers are still one of the top procedures. 


People are starting to educate themselves and realize that fillers are excellent when used to restore volume but can’t take the place of actually lifting sagging skin. Skin treatments are on the rise, including peels and customized skincare. The gold standard in sagging skin is still a facelift, and one of the best ways to have a good result from surgery is to get your skin in the best shape for quicker healing time and the best result. 

If you need adjustments updating your makeup or skincare routine, book your consultation for more detailed, customized instructions on what formulas best suit your unique skin type. 

Have questions? I’m here to help! 


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