Some beauty trends start sounding good, and then you look back at pictures and realize that that particular trend wasn’t a good fit for you or most people. Other trends people end up loving become a staple in the beauty industry. When I look back at recent trends over the past few years, there are a few that I hope we can leave behind, but that’s my opinion.┬áHere are a few beauty trends that you may want to leave in 2022.

The Russian Lip Trend

  Lips injected with filler on the outer edge change the lips’ shape in a distorted way to look wavy, also called “devil lips.” Plastic surgeons have come out against this trend and warned against using lip filler in this way. Another way to try this trend, if it interests you, is to apply foundation all over the lips to lighten them, draw a lip liner around them, and then fill in with lipstick. This way, you can see what it would be like before taking a plunge like this. 

Bleached eyebrow trend

This trend could work if your hair is colored lighter and you bleach your eyebrows a few shades lighter to blend better with your hair. Micro-blading services have become so popular, and it’s a way to enhance brows permanently and make them fuller. Fuller Eyebrows frame the face and give it a more youthful look. More makeup is needed sometimes to keep from looking washed out.

 This trend may be fun, but a more natural to darker-colored brow is usually more flattering than a bleached-out brow. 

Buccal Fat Removal

This trend has become popular among some people who have a rounder face and want it to appear more chiseled, and this is a high fashion look trend right now. The procedure removes the fat from the cheek area and can be performed under local anesthesia, resulting in a sculpted look. 

  Many celebrities have jumped on this bandwagon to achieve that high-fashion model look. The procedure is not reversible, and we lose fat as we age, so it’s essential to consider all this in the equation. 

At home microneedling 

Trying some of the latest beauty services with at-home devices can be tempting, but derma rollers are one service I would leave to a professional. The purpose of the medical device is to create small micro-injuries in the skin. In the case of derma rollers, the same tiny needles on the device are not as sanitary as the ones used in a medical office because they are disposable. It’s important to note the risk of infection to using this particular at-home device. 

Sunscreen face contouring

This trend is about using sunscreen and tanning together to create a temporary face contour to the face. You start by not applying sunscreen to the area that you want to be darker. Using the sun as your makeup deepens areas where no sunscreen is applied, and the other sites on the skin are lighter. The sun-induced contour lasts longer than makeup on the skin, but the drawback is you are going without sunscreens on areas on the face which increases the risk of aging and skin cancers. It might be better to try to keep using makeup for contour. 

These are some of my top trends to leave in 2022. What are some trends you would like to leave behind?


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