Believe Beauty

I had to run into Dollar General the other day to pick up a gift bag and spotted a cosmetic line I had not heard of, so I had to try it! They displayed Believe Beauty products: foundation, mascara, highlighting powders, and lip products. I was impressed that the foundation came in a glass container with a luxury feel.
I decided to try a few of the lip products because I’m a sucker for new lip colors. I quickly used lipliners and spotted a color called “Barely There.” It was self-sharpening, which is always convenient. The liner goes with a lot of colors that I currently wear. The lipliners come in six shades. At a price of only $3.00, it seems like a steal!
I chose lipgloss in “Bombshell.” It’s a milky pink color reminds me of a cult favorite from a much more expensive brand, three times the price.
The glosses are about $4.00 and come in nine shades. The finish is very glossy and moisturizing.
After researching the line, I found that Believe Beauty is sold exclusively at Dollar General and made in Germany. You can also order it online if you don’t have a Dollar General in your local area.


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