Brow styles change over the years and go in and out of style, but well-groomed, natural-looking brows are always classic. Brows frame the face, and a natural shape is easy, youthful, and low maintenance. In this post, we will learn why brows thin over time, options to make them look fuller, and how to keep our brows healthy and robust. 

Why your brows may thin over time?

Over-tweezing your brows is one reason they may become thinner, along with genetics, medications, and aging. 

What can you do to make your brows appear thicker?

Several options are available for anyone who has overplucked their eyebrows over the years, some temporary and some permanent. 

Brow Products

Innovative brow products on the market perform at a very high level. Brow gels, pencils, pomades, soap brows, and creams are in different price ranges. A feathered look is much more realistic than a drawn-on brow. If you need to fill in your brows, you can always lightly fill them in with a pencil and then use a brow gel to enhance the brow hairs. Here are a few of my favorites to choose from:

Micro-filling Pen

Eyebrow Mascara

Eyebrow growth serums are perfect for anyone who wants their brows to be thicker and more fluffy. There are so many good serums on the market right now that will help you grow out your natural brows. Brow serums, such as peptides and keratin proteins, contain ingredients that encourage growth. 

Eyebrow and Lash Serum

Eyebrow Microblading: Microblading is a good option for anyone with sparse brows for over tweezing or other reasons. Microblading uses a semi-permanent method that creates fake brow strokes on areas where hairs are missing, enhances natural brows, and makes them look fuller. It’s natural looking, and the way it mimics natural brow hairs. This technique can start to fade depending on your skin type. Make sure to research the micro-blading artist to determine the experience level, techniques, and before and after photos available before booking your appointment. You may need touchups from three to six months afterward. 

Micro-shading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure in which a technician applies a semi-permanent tint to your eyebrows. This technique is a good option for someone with very sparse brows and a good choice for sensitive skin. The method creates small pinpoint dots of pigment. How long micro-shading lasts will depend on your skin type, but it can last anywhere from 6 months to 3 years for most people. 

Ombre Brows are a two-tone effect that gives depth and dimension to the brow, which goes from light to dark, while microblading uses hair-like strokes. They have a defined look and are a micro-pigmented brow technique. It’s become popular to combine microblading with ombre shading to get the most from both methods. Ombre brows last anywhere from 1 to 3 years. 

Brow Lamination:  A chemical perm solution is brushed on the brows to make the brow hairs stand in a brushed-up position. This lamination process lasts several weeks and can make the brows look fuller and fluffier. It’s an excellent option for people with unruly brows that will give them a well-groomed look. If you are considering brow lamination, let your technician know if you have sensitive skin. 

Tips on trying out different looks

If you are interested in micro-blading, playing around with eyebrow makeup is a good idea to understand what shape you are comfortable with, what’s flattering, and what shades are best for your coloring. Wearing your new temporary brow products will give you a better idea of what direction you want to take for a permanent brow shape. 

Schedule a one-on-one makeup session.

If you have thin eyebrows and want to learn techniques to enhance them, you can schedule a personalized virtual makeup session from home. These sessions are tailored to your specific needs and interests and can help you address any concerns you have with your makeup routine. The session can be a full-face makeup tutorial or a quick five-minute natural-looking routine, perfect for anyone with a busy schedule.


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