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  • Book your appointment by submitting the Consultation Request Form below.
  • Fill out Skin Health Questionnaire before your first appointment.
  • Take a selfie close up of your skin with good lighting
  • Have your current products available to talk about during consultation

Phase 1 – Initial Consultation


Review of Your Skincare Questionnaire

We go over some of your skin concerns or goals:
Correcting Hyperpigmentation?
Sun Damage?
Would you like to be able to go without a foundation?

Let me know what your current skincare routine is.
Are there too many steps? Not enough?


Skin Analysis

Evaluate your skin from a photo sent to us without makeup and then through Facetime, Zoom, or Skype.


Review Current Skincare Routine and Products

Bring along your current skincare products to your video consultation appointment.
We will discuss what is giving you good results and what skin care products may have disappointed or not worked for you.
Evaluate what you should keep and what you may need to replace.


Customize a Skincare Routine That Gives You Results

Create a customized at-home skincare routine that fits your lifestyle and helps you achieve your skin goals.
Our skin clinic uses GlyMedPlus, a pharmaceutical skincare brand that ships directly to your door.

We want to ensure you have the easiest path to help you feel confident about your skin.

Phase 2 – Follow-up Consultation

We will schedule a follow-up consultation to review your new daily skincare routine and answer any questions you may have.

Sometimes you have to use a new product long enough to know the question you want to ask!

You will receive a text or email reminder for follow-up requesting updated photos so the aesthetician can see progress.

It’s best to ease into a new routine and tweak it depending on your skin’s response.
We will analyze your before and after photos to determine the progress made and suggest what products or serums are best to add to the current routine to achieve the desired outcome.

We love to see follow-up photos to review your progress.

Consultation Request Form


In order to book your appointment, a 25% nonrefundable deposit is required for new clients. If you wish to cancel a 24 hour notice is required or 50% of the services will be charged. If you do not show to your appointment, 100% of the services will be charged. Please consider, 15 min late to your apt is considered a no show out of respect for the appointments scheduled after you.


Four steps to beautiful skin

Your Skin Care Routine

Glymedplus has a system designed to help properly care for and maintain optimum skin health. We strongly believe that a skincare plan helps to keep skin youthful looking and ensures you have a complete regimen to care for your skin regimen that is as easy as 1-2-3-4!



Removes oil, dead skin cells, environmental pollutants, and debris while preparing your skin to receive vital nutrients



Delivers vital and effective ingredients to treat your specific condition and help restore, replenish and revitalize your skin



Uses targeted ingredients to revive your skin’s ability to repair and renew for a nourished healthy glow.



Shield your skin from harmful pollutants, debris and the suns damaging UVA/UVB rays

oil free protective moisturizer

Glymed ships anywhere in the United States | Taxes are dependent upon your location
Shipping is generally 3 days but depends upon supply chain disruptions