Love is in the air as we approach Valentine’s Day! Building a better relationship with your skin takes time, but you can give your skin the love it deserves by creating a healthy skincare routine. The secret to glowing skin is to treat your skin from the inside out. Honor your celebration by surprising your partner with a skincare gift, or treat yourself to a memorable Valentine’s skincare regimen that keeps your skin looking radiant for months to come. Prepare to grow your affection towards glowing skin! Here are some of our best recommendations to keep falling in love with your skin!

L-Learn what products are best for your skin type

O-Oil-free sunscreen is a good option for people prone to breakouts

V-Voluminous Lips is what you can see with lip-enhancing by Glymed

E-Even toned skin is possible with the right products

Valentine’s Day Kits

Glymed Signature Facial Kit

Experience a Professional Facial in the comfort of your own home.

This Kit Includes:

Anti-Aging Masque: A powerful anti-aging masque contains antioxidants that prevent wrinkling by relaxing the facial muscles. The benefits of this masque include increased hydration, firmness, and elasticity, calming skin, and repairing damage. 

Accelerator Gel with 20% Alpha Hydroxy Acids: this lightweight serum helps reduce signs of moderate to advanced aging. This serum regenerates cells and promotes cell turnover. The ingredients are 20% lactic and glycolic acids to reduce the effect of aging. Benefits include evening-out skin tone, improving texture, brightening complexion, and anti-aging properties. 

Hydrating Masque with Enzymes: This masque exfoliates and promotes cell renewal. Its ingredients contain rich botanicals that hydrate skin and antioxidants that help firm it. It is the perfect masque for dehydrated skin and those who want to brighten their skin. This hydrating masque is for you if you have concerns about texture, wrinkles, and fine lines. 

Radiant Serum with 1% Mandelic Acid: This lightweight hydrating serum exfoliates and brightens skin. It protects against free radical damage and helps prevent acne by decreasing the buildup of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. The benefits include:

  • Reducing pigmentation.
  • Brightening and tightening the skin.
  • Improving age-related skin concerns.

It’s an excellent choice for all skin types, including sensitive and rosacea! 

Sweethearts Lip Duo from Glymed

Indulge your lips this Valentine’s Day with our Lip Kit!

This lip care kit contains luxurious ingredients to soften dry lips and reduce lines around the lip area. 

This kit includes: 

Hydrating Lip Balm: The hydrating ingredients include jojoba, avocado oil, sunflower seed oil, and peppermint oil. The scent is peppermint, spearmint, and minty. The benefits are plumping, anti-aging, and repairing. 

Lip Enhancer with Warming Actives: This product contains moisturizing emollients and powerful peptides. These ingredients help decrease fine lines and restore a youthful appearance on the lips. Natural ingredients plump the lips to give them a fuller look. Lip Enhancer is a preventative and reparative product that creates a slight tingle in the lips from natural ingredients that make the lips appear plumper. 

Have questions? I’m here to help! 


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