It seems like 2022 just started, but September is just around the corner, and with that, all the new Fall makeup trends have started to emerge. After analyzing some styles, I will break them down into categories and ways to make these trends more wearable in real life. 

People love the minimal makeup trend that accentuates the skin, while others are finally putting lipstick back on after these past few years of masks. Whatever look you prefer, the best part is it’s no real commitment, and it’s fun to experiment. Here are a few fall trends you can try or create your unique spin on. 

Monochromatic Trend

The monochromatic trend uses the same color applied to blush, eye makeup, and lips. This look is fresh, easy, and quick to do in the morning  using this technique. A look like this can use one cream product or different textures in the same hue, like a pigment with more of a sheen. A burnt copper blush, eyeshadow, and lips are popular colors for fall makeup. 

Clean Beauty Trend

A clean, fresh look that consists of a lot of skin prep, like masks, primers, essence, and hydrating sprays. After the skin is fully hydrated, you will go in with a light wash of color in the form of a skin tint. 

For eye makeup, soft muted brown shadow on the lid with lipliner and a clear lip oil with curled lashes, and your look is complete. 

The Euphoria Trend

The famous cable show has brought some fun, unique makeup trends with crystal and gem decals mixed in with eye makeup. The nails are grown out long and bedazzled. If you don’t want to go that deep with this trend but still wish to have some fun, I recommend trying the nails bedazzled but a manageable length, and instead of the gemstones, try a sheer cream shadow with a hint of soft glitter. 


Skin is still the main focal point for makeup this season, and as an aesthetician, I love that! The full coverage foundations are being put aside for more natural-looking products like skin tints. 

Cream products will be trendy for fall, including cream bronzers, blush, highlighters, and even eyeshadows. 


A lighter brow color is on trend for fall. If you don’t want to take a drastic route with bleaching, try a colored brow gel to go one shade lighter if this trend interests you. It’s fun to experiment with different shades to change your look without the commitment. 

A natural shadow color like a mushroom brown or gray is placed as a wash of color to accentuate and define the eyes. 

Lip Colors and Formulas

Lips are glossy and hydrated this fall, with lip treatments being hugely popular and plumping formulas. The tarte maracuja formula is perfect for this look. Tarte has added a few new colors that are fall shades. 

Lip oils are increasingly popular and work as a treatment on the lips, so they’re perfect for fall and winter.

 The most popular colors for fall are berries and reds, along with just clear lip oil or gloss with lip liner. 

When using lipstick, it’s applied in a way that diffuses the color or sheers it out. This look means taking a small amount and patting it on the lips instead of taking the actual lipstick and applying it directly to the lips. 

Many companies make a sheer balmy type of lipstick that works in the same way. 

I hope you found some of these new trends informative. If you try any of these, send me a picture of how you changed it and made your unique spin on it to suit your taste! 


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