Blue Light Protection

More research on blue light shows us that it affects our sleep patterns and eye health. 

Blue light is considered the closest to ultraviolet light, which contributes to premature aging in the skin. It stands to reason that ultraviolet light causes premature aging; blue light is the closest to it and may also impact our skin. Good skincare will work by physically protecting your skin from indoor and outdoor damage to your skin. Skincare containing SPF, antioxidants, and ingredients that deter blue light oxidation will help your skin. 

Sustainability in Skincare Packaging

The beauty industry has one of the worst reputations for pollution and is trying to make strides to adopt new sustainable practices. 

More people understand the impact of our daily choices, which affect our environment. Natural and environmentally friendly packaging has become a lot more in demand. Companies are paying more attention to consumer demands for sustainable packaging, focusing on recyclable and reusable packaging. 

Clean Beauty

The Clean Beauty market started as a niche and has become a movement that continues to grow each year. Clean beauty is a somewhat broad term that means different things to people. I feel like clean beauty implies without synthetic chemicals or irritants, which cause sensitivities in the skin. For some people, clean beauty means vegan skincare, which doesn’t contain ingredients from animals. If you are a fan of clean beauty, check out my glymedplus store in the section above that says “shop my store.” Glymedplus is vegan and cruelty-free and has products for all age brackets. 

Caffeine ingredient used in skincare

Caffeine has been used with cellulite products for years in the beauty industry. Caffeine constricts blood vessels, decreasing inflammation, brightening skin, and providing antioxidant benefits to the skin. Caffeine in eye cream has become very popular as it reduces puffiness around the eye area. Some studies have even suggested that caffeine reduces carcinogens in animals. 

The rise of Pharmaceutical grade skin care products

Products in this category have active ingredients that are more concentrated than what you can find in your local drugstore. Some components like glycolic acid, vitamin c, ferulic acid, and mandelic acid effectively treat sun damage, acne, and hyperpigmentation. When ingredients are more concentrated, it’s crucial to consult an aesthetician or dermatologist to determine which ingredients will work best for your skin. Using pharmaceutical-grade skincare brings me to the last trend on the list. 

Skin Care Experts /aesthetician/ skin therpist/ skin coach

Many busy professionals seek guidance when trying to attain their skin goals. With so many options and information out there, it can be overwhelming and sometimes counterproductive to determine which products work best for your skin type and with what products you currently own. More people are turning to aestheticians and skin therapists to decipher the best products to get your skin to look how you want it. A professional can tailor a personalized routine unique to your skin’s needs. 

When you are reading this, if you have any questions, book your consultation and resolve your skin care concerns now!


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