How to get the Glazed Donut Skin Look

When your skin is glowing, it has a more youthful appearance, and this glazed skin trend is all about wet, glistening, luminous skin. 

“Skin glazing” or “Glazed Donut Skin” has become popular over the past few years and extends past the summer months into all year round. There are many benefits to this trend, including restoring the skin barrier. The focus is on letting your healthy skin come through instead of using makeup to conceal your skin. This look takes a little more prep, but it’s an excellent excuse to get some self-care time in on a daily basis. 

The Night before Skin Prep 

If you want the sought-after glazed donut look, start the night before by prepping your skin to get you on the right track. 

Using a chemical exfoliant the night before to get rid of the dead skin cells on the surface will help all your products to sink in better and work more effectively. 

To get the most out of your cleansing process, do a double cleanse with an emollient cleanser and massage your skin to break down your makeup and hydrate the skin. Add a second cleanse to your routine, rinsing with warm water to ensure you have rid your skin of all the impurities.

A hydrating facial mist used directly after cleansing will help to lock hydration into your skin and create a base for your other skin care products. 

Next, I would add a facial oil or hyaluronic serum to your night routine to give your skin that extra layer of hydration. For a moisturizer, I would use a cream or, even better, a mask that can be left on overnight to sink into the skin and create that dewy complexion. 

Apply a creamy eye cream around the fragile skin underneath the eye area. 

Remember to hydrate your lips with an overnight lip mask or lip balm. 

Morning Skin Care Routine

Use a gentle hydrating facial wash in the morning and follow with a hydrating facial mist to use liberally all over your face. 

For a serum, I would go with a rejuvenating and firming serum. Some ingredients to look for are ceramides, peptides, niacinamide, ascorbic acid, or growth factors. 

Apply a rich cream with SPF to hydrate and protect your skin. Remember to use a hydrating lip product to finish off your look. 

What if my skin is oily? Can I still achieve this look?

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you might be hesitant to use some of the more emollient products. You can still get this look by adjusting your skin care using an oil-free lotion, for example, instead of a cream. If you are interested in a routine specifically for this look, I can customize one using the correct products for your skin type. 

What’s the main benefit of using this trend?

A healthy glow to the skin is considered youthful. The main benefit is getting your skin in top condition, restoring your skin barrier, and developing a radiant, healthy complexion that enables you to wear less makeup. 


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