How to stop psoriasis from getting worse

It’s psoriasis awareness month, and last week’s blog post was all about psoriasis, and this week I wanted to finish off with the different ways to control outbreaks. There are many ways to control your psoriasis; some options are things you can do on your own, like lifestyle changes. Here are some of the best tips on managing or preventing psoriasis flare-ups. 

Read about Psoriasis

The first step is to read as much as possible about the causes, triggers, and how to control flare-ups and manage your symptoms. One of the best sources is

Prevent outbreaks from occurring. Prevention is essential to keep flare-ups from happening. That means that when your skin is feeling its best, you will still want to keep doing the things that prevent outbreaks from starting. 

Treat your psoriasis flare-up immediately when you start to experience symptoms. Treating your symptoms right away will keep help to minimize your psoriasis outbreak. 

Take a warm bath to ease any symptoms you may experience. 

Keep skin hydrated by applying a thick cream in the areas of psoriasis. Keeping your skin hydrated helps to protect the skin barrier and prevent further trauma to the skin. 

Use a humidifier in your bedroom at night. Using a humidifier will help keep your skin stay hydrated and help rejuvenate your skin while sleeping. A humidifier will also help keep your skin in good condition when harsh weather can trigger an outbreak.  

Make a plan to manage your stress levels positively. Try to exercise, meditate, or take a new hobby you enjoy that may take your mind off stressful events. 

Get out and enjoy the sun because sun exposure in small doses will reduce your psoriasis symptoms. Make sure to wear your sunscreen to avoid too much sun. 

Avoid skin irritants like harsh chemicals; wear gloves when cleaning with powerful chemicals. 

Keep healthy by maintaining a good healthy weight. Inflammation in the body can act as a trigger for psoriasis. 

Discuss all your at-home treatment options with your doctor to ensure you are following the best course of action for your unique system, and they will also know all the medications you currently take and how they may interact with your lifestyle changes. 

Another way to expand your knowledge is to join a support community for psoriasis where you can hear other people’s experiences, how they overcame their symptoms, and what things helped and hurt. 

What are the best skincare Products for Psoriasis? 

Here are some favorites from Glymed Plus!

Purifying Cleanser helps remove dead skin cells built up on the skin’s surface and calms inflammation from psoriasis symptoms. 

Recovery Cream contains potent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredients encouraging healing and calming irritated skin. 

Rejuvenating Peptide Masque contains powerful antioxidants with healing and anti-inflammatory benefits. This skincare masque is proven to control psoriasis symptoms. 

Hydrating Hand and Body Lotion contains soothing ingredients that calm irritated skin. Suitable for use anywhere, psoriasis flare-ups appear on the skin. 

Barrier Repair Cream contains pharmaceutical-grade shea butter mixed with powerful antioxidants that helps fight inflammation that triggers psoriasis flare-ups. 

Cell Protection Balm is a staple in a skincare routine and offers excellent protection against skin irritation, including psoriasis. 

These products work for ALL skin types and skin tones.


Have questions? I’m here to help! 


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