Moms are worthy of gifts all year round, but Mother’s Day is a special occasion and an excuse to spoil the Mother, daughter, sister, or friend in your life. Skincare is self-care and a way to relax, slow down, focus on yourself, and apply your favorite skincare products. In the morning, it can set the tone for the day; at night, you can take your time and make this the relaxing part of your self-care nightly routine. At around the age of 20, our skin starts to produce less collagen, and with the help of professional pharmaceutical-grade skin care, we can delay the aging process in the skin. The gift of healthy, ageless skin is always an excellent choice for Mother’s Day or any occasion. 

Skin Consultation

One gift option is a one-on-one detailed virtual skin consultation. You snap a selfie and include your current skin goals, and based on those goals, we will build a customized skin care plan with a routine unique to your skin. A virtual consultation is a perfect gift for a stay-at-home Mom who doesn’t have time to make it to an office visit or does not have childcare available.

Mother’s Day skincare sets 

 A second option is to purchase a skincare set where you can try different products included in the set. All of these skincare sets are under $60.

The Ultimate Collection Kit

This kit is perfect for anyone concerned with Anti-Aging, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and increasing firmness in the skin.

The kit includes many of the favorite regenerating products from the Glymedplus skincare line that is holy grail skin care in trial sizes, perfect for trying out products. This set includes:

Mega Purifying Cleanser

Daily Smoothing Peel 

 Wrinkle Remedy 

 Ultra Hydro Gel 

 Intense Peptide 

 Photo-Age Environmental Protection Gel 30+

 CBD Booster 

 Sal-X Exfoliating Cleanser

 Cell Protection Serum

The Glow Collection Kit

This kit is perfect for anyone who feels like their skin has been looking dull and needs some radiance back in the skin to get a healthy-looking glow. The products have brightening and illuminating properties to keep your skin looking and feeling young. The benefits to your skin from using these products in this kit are increased hydration, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, and increased firmness in your skin. This collection includes:

Mega Purifying Cleanser

Daily smoothing peel

Ultra hydrogel

Cell protection serum

Intense peptide 

Photo-Age Environmental Protection Gel

CBD Booster

The Calming Collection kit 

This set is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin that is easily irritated. The collection contains soothing botanicals that will calm and restore balance to the skin. The benefits of these skin products include increased hydration, reduction of redness, reparative, reduced inflammation, increased firmness, and moisturization of the skin. This set includes: 

Mega Purifying Cleanser

Cell Protection Serum

Rosacea Relief

Intense Peptide Skin Recovery Complex

Oxygen Treatment Cream

CBD Regenerative Eye Cream

CBD Booster 

Photo-Age Environmental Protection Gel

I wish you a happy Mother’s Day celebrating all the women in your life!

Have questions? I’m here to help! 


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