New Skincare Trends 2023

At the close of the year, it’s interesting to look back on what skincare trends dominated this year and what is up and coming in the new year. Some of the most popular trends in skincare include glazed donut skin, blue light protection, sustainability packaging, clean beauty, caffeine ingredients, pharmaceutical-grade products, and esthetician skincare coaches. Most of these trends mentioned are here to stay, but here are a few new skincare trends to keep your eyes on in the new year. 


We have known for a long time that emotions and stress play into our skin health. Using all the same basics of dermatology, but Psyhodermatology focuses on the mind and anxiety and how it plays into skin disorders is a bonus. Some dermatologic diseases, like acne, psoriasis, and dermatitis, are made worse under emotional stress. Right now, considered a niche practice, psychology mixed with dermatology has become more popular, and several clinics exist in the United States. Psyhodermatology has been around a lot longer in Europe and has had great success. 

Peptides Lip Treatments

Lipcare is just as crucial in your anti-aging skincare routine as your serums and creams, and peptide lip treatments have grown in popularity over the last year. Many of us are already using peptides in our skincare regimen to boost collagen, improve firmness and give our skin a younger appearance. Adding a peptide lip treatment will keep your lips hydrated, while the peptides will help to restore and protect your lips.

Skin Barrier Health

A healthy skin barrier has a radiance and can fight anti-aging better. A healthy skin barrier makes your skin less sensitive to daily environmental irritations and more prone to hold hydration in the skin. You cannot fight free radical skin damage and dehydration if you don’t have a healthy skin barrier. The damage to your skin makes you more prone to aging and discolorations like hyperpigmentation. Having a healthy skin barrier can counteract many of the causes of aging. This trend of a healthy skin barrier is one trend that will always be popular in my skin consultations.

Prebiotics and Probiotics

Probiotics in skincare help balance the skin microbiome (microbes, both good and bad) and keep the skin barrier healthy. A skin barrier in good condition can defend itself against damage and boost the growth of good bacteria, which helps prevent the development of harmful bacteria that causes skin conditions. Probiotics are often included in skin-calming moisturizers and creams and are gaining the attention of people suffering from an impaired skin barrier. 

Prebiotics keep the skin’s PH levels healthy and help probiotics work better, encouraging the growth of good bacteria. When skin is in good condition, it heals faster and rejuvenates it. 

While some studies may look encouraging for skincare with prebiotics and probiotics, this trend still needs much more time to evaluate the evidence to prove the results.

There are many more trends to discuss, but these are getting the most buzz in the skincare community! 


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