skin care


Initial Online Makeup Consultation

Makeup Consultation & Recommendations


45 minutes

Treat yourself to a one-on-one personalized consultation from the comfort of your home.

Please send us a photo of your current makeup products when you book your appointment. Together we will figure out what items are working best in your routine and what items you may want to change up according to your skin type. You will connect with us through Facetime or Zoom with Teresa, a licensed aesthetician and skin care professional with years of experience in makeup specializing in mature skins.

Learn how to brighten the eye area and attain a glowing, radiant look to the skin while considering your lifestyle and time constraints.

Teresa offers personalized coaching for everyday makeup specializing in mature skin types. Skin responds differently to makeup on mature skin.

Learn what kinds of products, shades, and formulas are best for any budget.

Follow-up consultation



30 minutes

We will schedule a follow-up consultation to review your new daily skincare routine and answer any questions you may have.

Sometimes you have to use a new product long enough to know the question you want to ask!

You will receive a text or email reminder for follow-up requesting updated photos so the aesthetician can see progress.
It’s best to ease into a new routine and tweak it depending on your skin’s response.
We will analyze your before and after photos to determine the progress made and suggest what products or serums are best to add to the current routine to achieve the desired outcome.


Coaching and Business Development

If you are a Spa, MedSpa, dermatology office, or hair salon that would like to advance specific objectives but don’t know where to begin, then consider:

One-on-One Coaching Support

Most of my coaching is specific to the aesthetic/beauty industry, but some businesses may benefit from my one-on-one phone etiquette class.

One-on-One Phone Etiquette

The receptionist is often the first point of contact with your business and the first impression someone has of your entire establishment. Learn how to make a good first impression over the phone so that people feel secure about the place they choose to call to book an appointment.

Selling Strategies

Increase existing business sales and create opportunities for new client growth.
I help clients increase sales by evaluating their current selling strategies and advising them on ways to improve customer loyalty and sales. We start by reviewing your clinic’s business organization and immediate and long-term goals. I will then develop a custom marketing strategy/plan for you, and together we will work through the steps of that plan.

This plan will include:

  • A marketing plan specific to your unique business
  • Video Content Topics
  • Building Loyal Customer Relationships
  • How to get your entire team excited to sell
  • Review your treatments/services and ideas on packaging them to sell.
  • Whether you are in the planning stages of opening a business, an established business, or need a fresh approach, coaching can give your business the skills to achieve a loyal customer base.

Inventory Management Review

You have a great esthetician and outstanding business, but clients are not coming back to pick up products as they should. Do you need to consider a new product line? After evaluating your current inventory, we can see what adjustments you may need to make to get the most out of your current stock and not waste money tied up in inventory that is not selling.

When you partner with Best in Glows, you have options on the level of coaching you would like and can add additional services to benefit your business.