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Suppose you are like me and want to maintain quick, effortless skincare and makeup routine on the weekend. In that case, I have some excellent options that help combine your skincare steps without missing out on your skin’s necessary protection. I like to use products that offer dual usage to cut back on the steps I need to take to prepare for the day.

I start the morning with a good cleansing routine of my favorite Glymed cleanser, and I switch between the Vitamin C Cleanser and the gentle face wash skin cleanser. I take my time and work it around to give the skin and thorough cleanse.

I move on to my CBD facial mist, which contains niacinamide that helps increase your circulation, hydrate your skin, and prepare for the next steps in the weekend skincare and makeup routine. The CBD facial mist is one of my top-selling products because it’s that good for your skin, and people see the results from using it consistently.

First, I start with a clean canvas and apply my Colorescience sunforgettalbe bronzer. It gives you the right amount of color, evens skin tone, and melts right into the skin. I love that it has an spf50 to protect my skin, and it’s a dual-use product with sunscreen and coverage, no need for a foundation. It meets all your needs and is perfect for summertime when you are on the go constantly and don’t want to spend time doing an entire makeup routine.

My next step is the Total eye 3 in 1 Renewal Therapy eye cream concealer from colorescience, which is your eye cream, corrector, and SPF all in one. It’s another multi-use product in one tube. This way, your under-eye is moisturized and has enough coverage to correct any dark circles and SPF to protect the fragile under-eye area from sun damage. A product like the 3-in-1 concealer is perfect for someone who travels and doesn’t want to take a bunch of tubes of different products with them.

At this point, I will use my eyelash curler, curl my lashes, and leave it at that for eye makeup. If I have some extra time, I may apply some mascara, depending on my plans for the day.

I finish off with some quick lipliner, and the one I’m loving right now is by Lawless, the forget the filler definer liner in pink sand, which is pretty universal for your lips but better color.

I follow that with the colorescience lip shine gloss. This gloss has an SPF of 35, which is excellent if you are out all day or driving around in the car because it protects your lips from sun damage while giving them some shine and color.

These quick steps are also perfect for vacation because they are all travel-friendly. For all of my Glymedplus readers, we offer travel or trial sizes in many products to take with you on a trip. I hope everyone is out taking advantage of and enjoying our beautiful weather this week.


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