Spring Beauty and Makeup Trends 2023

Whether your a beauty addict and always hunting for the latest new makeup trends on social media or you may not have an Instagram account, it’s fun to explore the latest trends for spring. Depending on your style, only some trends will appeal to you, but it’s always fun to update and modernize your look by putting your twist on a trend and making it your signature look for the season. Makeup is a fun way to update your look without breaking the bank. 


Underpainting has been used for years by makeup artists but has only become viral recently. Underpainting is the application of face products using contour, highlight and blush before applying a light layer of foundation. Skin prep is essential with this Makeup look for the products to go smoothly in the application process. Using your products this way creates a softer version of contour, blush, and highlight so that everything blends together seamlessly, giving your skin a lit-from-within look. 

90’s Makeup

Looking back at 90’s makeup, I always remember the warm brown tone lipsticks and gloss. If you need inspiration, look back at Melrose Place or the 90210 T.V. show series to get some ideas. It’s a very wearable look that most skin tones can appreciate. The modern twist is less matte colors and more glossy and dewy, especially the skin. For example, eyeshadow sticks that come in brown and have a more dewy look than an actual eyeshadow or use eyeshadow with a hint of liquid shadow to modernize it a bit. Brown lips are making a comeback, but it’s more of a glossy brown lip instead of matte lipstick. 


 Coquette makeup is a feminine, romantic look with softer colors featured in pastel hues. It’s a very spring-friendly makeup trend that is easy to achieve with a subtle lilac cream shadow or shadow sticks. The colors associated with this trend are pinks, lilacs, and roses. The makeup’s almost translucent, sheer look adds to the feminine characteristic. The blush is also light and flirty, and the eyelashes are the most dramatic part of the mascara, accented in the center of the upper lashes. This trend is super popular on social media and one of spring’s top makeup trends. 


Balletcore is all the femininity, grace, and class you associate with ballerinas. The balletcore look uses soft pink sweaters, and ballet flats, hair is in a low bun or slicked back, makeup is a subtle rose, pink, or blush colors, and nails are shortish colored in light pink, beige, or clear coated. This trend is perfect for anyone who lives in athleisure wear, works from home, and wants to step up their look to make it a little more dressy and put together while still giving a more feminine edge. 

Dewy Skin

Radiant, dewy, plump, healthy-looking skin has been the focus and is still on trend! The esthetician in me loves that for all of us! Radiance-boosting primers, tinted moisturizers, and a solid skincare regimen with a good Vitamin C cream will help you get this look for your skin. The benefits of this trend are: better skin condition, slowing down the aging process, established nighttime routine, and, most importantly, protection from harmful sun rays.

To achieve this last trend, consult a licensed esthetician who will look at your skin without makeup, evaluate your skin type, and make appropriate recommendations based on your unique skin type. 

Have questions? I’m here to help! 


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