This Spring’s makeup trends span a broad spectrum, from nostalgic throwbacks to the past to cutting-edge and contemporary styles. Whether you’re drawn to pastel shades and vibrant mascaras, revisiting the 90s brown lip, or embracing the early 2000s frost and shimmer, there’s a trend that will suit your age and style. The secret is to reinterpret these trends to reflect your individuality, making them your own. There’s a certain allure in resurrecting a trend from the past and giving it a modern update, making it a defining feature of this season!

Pastel Colors 

Spring always reminds me of pastel colors! The monochromatic look is still in fashion. This trend is perfect for busy people as one product can be used in multiple ways, making getting ready much easier! However, the trend has a twist, with pink and coral being the current favorites. Think of a sheer tinted pink color on your lids, cheeks, and lips. It’s a soft and romantic look that is perfect for Spring and looks great on many skin tones! 

Colored Mascara

As a makeup artist, I have always added colored mascara to a makeup routine for my clients. Seeing some of these fun colors return to the trends is excellent. Colored mascara can accentuate eye color when you apply it with contrasting colors. For example, I use brown mascara on blue eyes, and the brown accentuates the blue and makes blue eyes stand out. If you don’t want to stand out too much with some vibrant shades, you can always add color onto the tips of the lashes for a subtle hint of color, and people will see this when facing sideways. 

Farmasi makes a blue mascara linked here:

Glossy Skin

Glossy skin is still a prevalent trend in makeup. It makes the skin look super hydrated, healthy, and balmy. With this glossy skin trend, the skin looks almost wet, and a cream highlighter and cream contour complement this look beautifully. 

Farmasi makes an illuminating Primer Called VFX Pro, linked here:

90’s Brown Lip

A 90’s brown lip is very wearable and a softer alternative to reds. A brown lipliner outlines the lip, and you can use lipstick the same color, a bit darker, or the popular trend of a shade lighter. To soften the deeper brown lip colors, use a lip oil or gold-flecked gloss to the center to lighten them slightly. The 90’s brown lip trend looks amazing on many skin tones, making it a go-to for trending Spring makeup.

Radiant Cheeks

Sheer cream blush has a dewy, lightweight texture that leaves a wash of color on the skin. Some powder blushes have a sheen that will give you a lit-from-within look to your cheeks, and cream blush can give your skin a radiant finish with coverage from a daytime look to a glamorous finish. 

Farmasi makes Midnight Touch Liquid Blush in Pinky Cloud in a radiant pink color linked here:

Healthy Glowing Skin

Healthy and radiant skin is always a popular trend, not just for Spring 2024 but for every season. Focusing on your skincare regimen is essential to achieving a glowing complexion. Keep your skin well-hydrated and nourished for a dewy finish that will make your skin look fabulous all season long. If you’re looking for professional, natural, vegan, and botanical skincare products, why not schedule a skincare consultation? Our experts can help you find the best anti-aging product for your skin type.

Make a statement this Spring with your makeup by scheduling a consultation to elevate your beauty game!

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