Summer Beauty Trends 2023

Summer is right around the corner, and while not every trend will be one you want to try, here are a few beauty categories to watch this summer. 

Micro Beauty Trends

Micro beauty trends can be in nails, hair, or clothing. Microbangs, similar to the Audrey Hepburn era but with a little more fringe, are a way to update a hairstyle without changing everything about the length of hair. If you want more of a change, the bob haircut is increasing in popularity. Short nails are currently on trend with a French manicure or a pop of color. If you work in a more corporate industry, colorful nail polish is a fun way to adopt a trend without looking too bold. 

Notox Trend

Beautiful skin is always a trend, and people are increasingly seeking ways to maintain firm skin without injections like Botox. They desire options other than a traditional facelift that is long-lasting, less maintenance, and more permanent. From peptides that can firm your skin to at-home peels, retinol, and masks, a good homecare skin regimen can increase collagen production, offer free radical protection, and help smooth lines. If you can get into a medical spa, microcurrent facials, microneedling, and deeper peels are good options depending on your skin type. 

Skin flooding

Skinflooding is all about increasing hydration in the skin. Don’t worry about layering creams or feeling too greasy; this is more about sealing hydration into the skin. You get the most significant benefit by applying serums and mists to the skin while the skin is still damp and can absorb the most product possible. Skinflooding is particularly beneficial when your skin is dehydrated from chlorine in the pool or a day of too much sun at the beach. 

Scalp Treatments for Healthy Hair Growth

Skincare has expanded into scalp care, and with that is a whole new wave of products and tools to stimulate hair growth or improve the condition of the scalp. We know that healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, and treatments are rising in popularity as people realize how they can benefit from healthy hair growth. There is something for everyone, from scalp serums, oils, masks, massagers, and even peels. 

Blushing Eyeshadow Technique

This technique is excellent for minimal makeup lovers or anyone on the go. Take a large fluffy makeup brush and swirl your blush around the cheekbone to include the temples and eye area. Use a lighter-than-usual blush color, or if you want to use a darker shade, apply it in more lightweight layers until you get the desired effect. This technique will uplift your face and give you a fresh look. If you add a similar lip color, you can add another trend: the monochromatic look.

Skin Streaming

Skin streaming is a new trend in streamlining your skin care products so that you only use what is imperative in your daily skincare regimen. Skinstreaming can also mean using one product in two ways, for example, a mask used as an overnight cream. This trend is excellent for people overwhelmed by too many products and what they do for the skin. Almost anyone can be a good candidate for skin streaming. If you want to try skin streaming, consult a licensed skin care professional to ensure you use the most effective products for the best results. 

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