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If you are bored with your makeup routine and want to refresh it for spring, you might want to try some of the new and improved cream products and three new techniques for applying them.

The ‘no-makeup trend’ is still going strong. I think 2020 had all of us using less makeup, and as a result, that became a full-on trend. If you are short on time or prefer a more natural look, you will embrace this trend. Showing your natural skin is a fresh approach for spring. This look focuses on the skin itself, and a tinted moisturizer or concealer is used in a few places to hide imperfections. The brows are feathered up using a bit of tinted brow gel to open the eye. Lashes stand out using a lash curler, and a coat of mascara and tinted lip balm complete the entire look.

If your skin is on the dry side or more mature, you will love this trend. Compared to the recent direction of ‘baking’ skin with powder to set makeup, it’s a welcome change.

Blush is the ‘it’ makeup product right now, especially for spring.

Cream and liquid blush are more popular now than ever. It’s also friendly for so many different types of complexions; mature and dry skins will love it. There are so many beautiful formulas out there right now, including some with a subtle shimmer.

Blush is the focus of your makeup routine. Apply it up into the cheekbone area with a flush of the same blush applied sparingly onto the eyes and even the lips. There is a youthful and innocent look to this trend, focusing on a more natural look.

Glass skin is the third way to refresh your look this spring. This look calls for lots of hydration and an emphasis on dewy skin. A mask with hyaluronic acid used in the morning while getting ready will help you get your skin in the best condition to achieve that glass skin look. A skin mist for extra hydration, a glowing primer, and a hydrating SPF are all the right products to use for this look. I also see many lip oils that complement this look beautifully.

As an aesthetician, I love these new trends, as the main focus is on your skin. I hope you find that one of these trends works with your skin and lifestyle!


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