Summer is officially here! With beach vacations and outdoor fun on the horizon, it’s time to switch up your makeup routine to match summer’s tropical and carefree vibes. Discover how to perfect the latest summer makeup trends in captivating summer makeup looks for 2024. Makeup formulas for summer are very shimmery, glossy, and almost wet-looking. Why not try out these hot summer makeup trends, like pearlescent skin, vibrant eyeliners, shadows, and fun colors, to see how they elevate your look? 

Colored Eyeliner

Colored eyeliner is a fun way to experiment and add a pop of color to your makeup look. Green eyeliner could be a khaki-colored, softer green liner smudged on the base of the lashes or a brighter green used in the waterline to make the eyes stand out. Pink or coral liner is another popular color right now, and trading your basic liner colors of black or brown can give you a whole new look to your makeup and complexion without changing your hair color—making makeup fun again! Here is one of my top favorite colors:

Pearlescent Skin

This summer, embrace a trend that makes your skin glow with natural radiance. You can achieve a luminous complexion by incorporating pearlescent drops or a primer with added pearlescence. This look is enhanced using hyaluronic acid serums, moisturizers with ceramides, and lightweight tinted sunscreen. You can wear this look subtly during the day or improve it at night to give it an almost mermaid-like sheen on the skin. This look is beautiful on exposed skin, like on the shoulders. The hydrating skin prep is the secret to this radiant natural glow. Here is one of my favorites:

Sunset Eyes

This look works best when you focus on one area, like the eyes, creating the look of a tropical sunset with peach, orange, or red hues. The rest of your makeup should be wearing soft brown for eyeliner and a nude lip with a subtle blush. When you apply your makeup this way, the main focus will be your eyes, standing out as the focal point.

Bronzed Sun Kissed Makeup

The bronzed sun-kissed makeup look is perfect for summer and never goes out of style. This look is easy to get by adding bronzing drops to your foundation or tinted moisturizer, adding bronzer on cheeks, forehead, and eyes to create a monochromatic bronzed look, and adding a gold shimmery lipgloss on top of your lips to finish off the look. After completing your makeup, apply a dewy makeup setting spray to lock it in. Here is one that I like to use on all skin types:

Blue Eyeshadow 

Summer makes you think of the beach and blue waters, which is probably why the blue eyeshadow trend is gaining popularity in searches on the internet, along with blue mascara. The blue eyeshadow is somewhat sheer compared to the blue eyeshadow from the past. Right now, The most popular shades have a slight golden undertone to the blue, making it more natural-looking and fun for summer. This formula of eyeshadow has a translucent blue look:

Schedule your one-on-one makeup consultation to create your spin on these top summer makeup trends that suit your style, using the makeup you already own or purchasing from the suggested links. We are here to help you put your spin on new summer makeup trends or refresh your style for this season. 

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