This time of year, the temperature changes and gets colder, but the air also becomes less humid and drier. The temperature can fluctuate drastically from night to day, depending on your area. All these extremes can take a toll on your skin, so it’s essential to keep your skin hydrated and make a few adjustments to your regular skincare routine. 

Your skin can become dehydrated from a lack of moisture in the air, and extreme temperature changes can make your skin dry. My skin type is dry and sensitive around this time of year, so if any of you lean towards this skin type, these products will benefit you, but you can always book a consult with me to get a more customized routine that precisely fits your needs.  

A nighttime skincare routine is vital to your skin as it repairs itself during this time.

Try to do a double cleanse if it’s possible every night. If you don’t have enough time, try three nights a week. The first cleanse removes the day’s makeup, sunscreen, oils, and pollution. 

I like to start with the Mega Purifying Cleanser applied on dry skin. Take the time to work the cleanser into your skin for at least one minute. Use around the eye area with a gentle touch. You can remove it with water or a wet washcloth. 

For my second cleanse, I like to go in with the Glymed Peptide Cleanser, which is luxurious and nourishing. You can massage your skin with this cleanser, and I love it for a second cleanse for its firming and lifting properties. It’s excellent for increasing hydration and elasticity in the skin. I recommend it for all dry, normal, and sensitive skin. 

Once your skin is clean, go right into your hydrating products to apply on the skin immediately. Starting with Cell Science Skin Recover Mist that drenches the skin and helps to lock the water into your skin. 

Next, I apply my Stem Cell Power Serum which helps to lift and firm the skin. This formula addresses discoloration, brightens the skin, and slows aging. It contains four amino peptides that help stimulate cell growth, reprogram the skin and stimulate collagen. It’s suitable for all skin types, and if I am only going to use one nighttime serum, this one would be it!

I’m changing my moisturizer to a slightly richer formula for this time of year with Intense Peptide Skin Recovery. The amino acids build and regenerate collagen to increase firmness and elasticity. Intense Peptide Skin Recover is suitable for all skin types. 

For eye cream, I have loved the Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream that is hydrating and contains peptides, botanicals, antioxidants, and ceramides. It’s plumping, lifting, and firming. Ceramides work well with my skin, so I’m a big fan of this particular ingredient. 

I never go to bed without some lip balm; my current fave is Cell Science Lip Science. It’s plumping and hydrating and contains peptides to help decrease fine lines. 

Once a week, I use the Chocolate Power Skin Rescue Masque. It contains antioxidants and cocoa extract that revitalize skin, promote elasticity, and brighten skin. It helps to increase firmness and plump your skin. It’s hydrating for dry skin and helps with elasticity. 

I’m comfortable with the steps in my night skincare routine right now. If you would like a skincare routine customized just for you, or you might want to add a few products to your current routine, then book an appointment for a consultation or shop my store through the link at the top of my homepage. I recommend starting with a few new products at a time to slowly introduce advanced pharmaceutical-grade ingredients into your regimen. 

Sometimes it just takes a few good products to make a significant difference in the skin. 


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