I’m sure we all have bought products that everyone seemed to love, and you thought that you would too, but they ended up not working for you or not living up to your expectations for whatever reason.

I always enjoy reading these posts because you may think you are the only person that didn’t care for the product, but there may be more people than you think that agree with you!

Here are my thoughts on some of the most loved products and why I didn’t like them. My skin is on the dry side, which may affect how some of these products worked or didn’t work for me.

I will start with the most controversial, which is Shape Tape by Tarte. I love Tarte products overall, and I had high expectations with Shape Tape, but I found it too thick and drying. I felt as though it dried out in the tube quickly as well. I liked the applicator to apply it with and thought it blended out well, but I didn’t feel it had enough coverage, and it seemed heavy or cakey after a few hours. I tried to apply more eye cream to counteract the cakiness, and that did help a little. I would not repurchase this product. Tarte makes a creamier version which I have not tried.

I picked up a few new lip liners in the last Sephora sale, and one was by Makeup by Mario. I love the color, but the liner is dry and doesn’t go on easy you need to drag it on the lip to get the shade on evenly. I like a

creamier lip liner, so that could be why I didn’t care for it. I look forward to trying some of his other products soon.

This next one broke my heart because it looked beautiful when I saw the color swatched! It’s the Nars liquid blush in orgasm. I owned the powder blush and loved it and thought I would love the liquid. I find it hard to apply, and the product seems to separate in the bottle, and you do need to shake it before application. It doesn’t seem to come out too evenly, and I have too much or too little on my brush anytime I use it, but I find it applies better when I use a sponge. It comes out of the bottle somewhat runny. I can imagine it would be easier to use in a cream form. I wanted to love this because it’s such a universal color that works on many skin tones, and I had already owned the powder form and loved it. The shade itself is something unique, like a very subtle pink sheen. I wish it came out a little more evenly for me. I’m not sure if I had a bad batch, or it could have been an older formula that was the problem, but I don’t reach for it the way I do some of my other blushes. I will use it, but I wouldn’t repurchase it.

Everyone has a unique skin type, and just because one product didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.

Hopefully, if you were thinking of trying one of these products, you could try it in-store to see if you like it before you spend your hard-earned money on it.


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